The Ebook "The Pieridae of Morocco" is available here!

The Pieridae of Morocco, by Michel Tarrier, full english translation (USA) by Pietro Galassetti, is available as E-book with private URL and in Portable Document Format (PDF) for the promotional price of 14€!

148 pages, 212 pictures... and 31 years of field work!


This publishing, in the form of a richly illustrated monography, includes the additions of the species and subspecies discovered and /or described since 2008, date of publication of my former book "The butterflies of Morocco", as well as an update of the recent systematic and taxonomy reviews, and biological and goenemical knowledge. But perhaps the most interesting for you is the complete compilation of useful places to collect in Morocco!


To get an idea, check out the free overview (extract) with a look of several pages at random from the 148 pages of the full version.

The French original version is of course also available at the same price

You can send me the amount 14€ to my bank account, or pay by PayPal.

Immediately after receipt, I will send you a mail with the URL of the E-book version (which you can browse on any screen) and the complete PDF (printable) by WeTransfer.

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