A new publishing (2019) of my book (2008): "The Butterflies of Morocco and Moroccan Sahara" is available!

A complementary publishing (2019) of my book (2008): "The Butterflies of Morocco and Moroccan Sahara", is finally available! in Portable Document Format (PDF) for the price of 32€! Only 32€ for 114 pages, 301 pictures, 14 maps and 10 years of field work!!


This complementary publishing, in the form of a richly illustrated Catalog, includes the additions of the species and subspecies discovered and / or described since 2008, date of publication of the former book, as well as an update of the recent systematic and taxonomy reviews, and biological and geonemical knowledge.


To get an idea, check out the attached demo PDF (free!) with a look of 14 pages taken from the 114 pages of the full version.

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Les Papillons de jour du Maroc et du Sahara marocain

Complementary Publishing (2019)

Catalog updated and commented of the Rhopalocera Papilionoidea of Morocco and Moroccan Sahara

New taxa, new data! 114 pages, 301 pictures, 14 maps

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